Chicagoans contemplate the future development of Holy Name’s Parking Lot


An old basketball hoop sits in the middle of Holy Name’s parking lot, which was sold to developers in April. [Photo by Christopher Silber May 3, 2017]

The bus stop on the corner of Chicago Avenue and State Street brimmed with activity on Wednesday afternoon.

A man and his child ate McDonald’s, a utility crew cleared leaves off the sidewalk, and hundreds of people walked up and down the stairs of the Chicago El stop.

Mark Adams stood away from the curb, smoking a cigarette as he viewed the scene.

“This area sure gets busy,” he said. “I got lost on my way over today.”

Adams had just gotten a job at a business off of Chicago Ave. “It’s been a great day so far. Now I just need to get on the bus,” he said, chuckling.


The Chicago stop on the El fills with passengers waiting for a train headed north. According to CTA, more than 16,000 people enter the station on the average weekday. [Photo by Christopher Silber May 3, 2017]

Within vision of the bus stop was a wide, low parking lot on State. The lot, once owned by Holy Name Cathedral across the street, was purchased by JDL developers for $110 million in early April.

“That parking lot must be nice for the church,” said Adams. “You don’t usually see lots that big in a place so crowded.”

JDL plans on building two to four apartment tower complexes on the parking lot.

“It’s a great location,” said Adams. “transport, walking, food. It’s all here. I just hope it doesn’t get too congested.”

Noise is normal

A block south of the parking lot, an elderly woman walked and admired the new leaves growing.

“There really are beautiful trees on this street,” said Susan Carson, as she fumbled to show me a picture she took on her phone. “This is my favorite time of year to walk around.”


The new 8 East Huron building is under construction by Holy Name Cathedral. The Cathedral’s parking lot lies on the right. [Photo by Christopher Silber May 3, 2017]

We could hear the sound of construction near us. CA Residential LLC is finishing building  new residential skyscraper on 8 East Huron.

“It is a noisy place,” said Carson. “There’s always something being built around here.”

She said she doesn’t mind all the noise from construction.

“Places like this are supposed to be bustling.” Carson said.

She said she thought building on the parking lot seemed like a good idea.

“I feel like that parking lot is wasting space,” she said. “I just hope the people at the Cathedral have somewhere to park when it’s gone.”


Parents wait for their children to finish class outside of Francis Xavier Ward School by Holy Name. [Photo by Christopher Silber May 3, 2017]

How big?

Eliot Sterling ate a burger with a milkshake on the McDonald’s outdoor patio.

“I mean, somebody was going to build something there eventually,” he said. “It’s a developer’s dream.”

Sterling, a middle-aged office worker, said how he views the construction depends on what the building plans look like.

“I don’t think the [developers] will be able to build some huge tower,” he said. “There’s too many hoops to jump through.”


Cars and commuters fill the streets outside of the McDonald’s on Chicago and State. [Photo by Christopher Silber May 3, 2017]

Sterling may be right. In April a proposed 60 story building was shot down a block away on Michigan Ave. for traffic concerns.

“I know the Church sold it for a lot of money. It’s probably gonna be a big project,” said Sterling. “But I can’t see them building anything that would hurt the Cathedral.”


Residents walk by the walls of the former convent and seminary next to Holy Name Cathedral. The Holy Name complex encompasses a whole city block.  [Photo by Christopher Silber May 3, 2017]

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An Inside View on a Radio DePaul Pocket News Broadcast

An Inside View on a Radio DePaul Pocket News Broadcast

As a member of the Radio DePaul News team, I got an inside look on the daily Pocket News broadcast at noon on May 1, 2017. Freshman Sarah Breedlove and Sophomore Ryan Witry wrote and produced the show. Pocket News is a fifteen minute broadcast every weekday at noon and 5:00 p.m.


The DePaul Radio Station at University Hall is empty at 11:00 a.m. before students arrive to prepare for Pocket News at Noon. [Photo by Christopher Silber May 1, 2017]


News Operations Director at Radio DePaul Sarah Breedlove begins looking for stories to report in an hour. [Photo by Christopher Silber May 1, 2017]


Breedlove is joined by Radio DePaul Sports reporter Ryan Witry. The two have an hour to put together a fifteen minute broadcast that streams live. [Photo by Christopher Silber May 1, 2017]


The broadcasting studio waits for the two reporters to begin the daily news report at noon.  [Photo by Christopher Silber May 1, 2017]


Breedlove and Witry situate themselves in the studio. Breedlove configures the computer and sound hardware before the broadcast. [Photo by Christopher Silber May 1, 2017]


Breedlove opens Pocket News with local news, reporting on the recently closed Bridgeport Bar Schaller’s Pump. She goes on to report on national, world, and entertainment news. [Photo by Christopher Silber May 1, 2017]


Witry reads the sports script he compiled in the hour before the show. he reports on The NFL Draft, Chicago Cubs, and DePaul Women’s Tennis team.  [Photo by Christopher Silber May 1, 2017]


The central microphone lays unused as music streams onto the station after the short Pocket News broadcast. [Photo by Christopher Silber May 1, 2017]

Radio DePaul’s News Team is always looking for more reporters. If you are a DePaul student interested in joining the News Team, I suggest you contact News Director Doug Klain at Visit Radio DePaul’s website for more information on the station’s shows and events.