Residents succeed in halting construction of River North tower


River North is home to some of the tallest buildings in Chicago. Newer high rise plans, however, face steep opposition from residents. “Chicago 204a” by Lize licensed under CC by 2.0.

For River North residents, bigger isn’t necessarily better.

Alderman Brendan Reilly of the 42nd Ward announced that plans for a high rise at 739 N Wabash Street won’t be moving forward.

The proposed 725-foot-tall Carillon Tower was going to be the tallest planned River North Building since Trump Tower. Residents, however raised concerns about traffic at a community meeting about the project in March.

After seeing these plans, people felt the plans did not do enough enough to address the already slow traffic at the intersection of Superior Street and Wabash Avenue.

The building was supposed to be mixed use, with retail on the first floors, condos, hotels, and indoor parking.

“This combination of uses suggests heavy volumes of deliveries, curbside pick-up/drop-off, special event traffic and buses,” Alderman Reilly wrote in an email to constituents on Friday, “It’s simply too much for this block.”

Similar sentiments caused the Alderman to oppose a proposal for a 45 story hotel in the same area in 2014.

New construction plans ahead

It’s also worth noting that a few blocks down Chicago-based JDL Development plans to build two to four apartment and condo towers on the site of the old parking lot for Holy Name Cathedral. JDL bought the lot for $115 million earlier in April.

Details on height and size of these buildings have not yet been determined. Don’t expect happy residents if they’re too big.


Will residents approach development of the former Holy name parking with the same coldness as 739 N. Wabash? “Holy Name Cathedral” by David Wilson, licensed under CC by 2.0.

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